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Stop new infections. Stop the rising death toll.

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Stop new infections. Stop the rising death toll. TAKE ACTION NOW

Thank you to all who tuned in to watch the Auckland Statement live from the 8th Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference. It was an emotive, significant moment.

If you missed the presentation, don't worry! You can watch the video footage now.

Meanwhile, since you're here - make sure you've read and signed the Auckland Statement.

This Statement is an urgent call to action for parliamentarians, governments, health departments and the community at large to come together and curb avoidable deaths caused by viral hepatitis.

For the first time ever in Australia and New Zealand, clear targets are set to reduce new infections and get more people on treatment.

Please show your support. This is our chance to present a united front.

Stop new infection. Stop the rising death toll. Sign the Statement now.

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